Brad Matthews Investment Strategies Case Study

Long time user of FE Analytics, Brad Matthews, explains how it helped make better investment decisions amidst the COVID-19 crisis period.

24 March 2021

Brad Matthews Investment Strategies (BMIS) is an investment consulting service assisting financial advisers in the development of investment strategies and creating efficient investment implementation.

Support is provided across both top-down macro-economic assessment as well as bottom-up fund and asset selection.

The challenge

At the height of the COVID-19 crisis in March 2020, there were concerns over liquidity in credit markets and the extent to which funds were able to obtain realistic valuations on their assets.

It was important to ascertain, on a daily basis, how funds were reflecting market movements in unit prices to avoid the potential to buy into a fund that was lagging in reflecting valuations in their unit price.

Why FE Analytics?

One of the advantages FE Analytics has over other fund databases is the provision of daily return information, rather than month end only information. The ability to chart daily returns and compare with market benchmarks made timely analysis of a wide range of funds during the COVID-19 crisis period very simple.

BMIS utilises the FE Analytics Active List Pro feature to provide timely access to a wide range of stock, fund and index data as required in the research and monitoring process for client portfolios.

Key benefits of FE Analytics

  • Ability to quickly chart information, which improves quality and speed of data analysis
  • Access to a very broad range of market indexes
  • Ability to separate the unit price growth component of a fund return from the total return to assist with the assessment of tax effectiveness.

I have found FE Analytics to be a highly reliable, detailed, and comprehensive database and analysis tool that has significantly contributed to both monitoring and analysing fund and portfolio performance.

Learn more about FE Analytics

Learn more about FE Analytics

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