Factsheet & Bulletin Production for Australian Wrap Platform

FE fundinfo partnered with leading Australian financial services provider to produce automated managed portfolio factsheets and bulletins.

24 March 2021

FE fundinfo have partnered with one of Australia’s largest financial services providers to deliver their monthly and quarterly reporting for their managed portfolios.

The managed portfolios are part of a wide range of investment choices offered through their wrap platform with more than 450 managed funds, managed portfolios, shares, term deposits and cash options.

The challenge

The platform was experiencing rapid growth in the number of their managed portfolios and therefore experienced increasing demand in report creation.

Manual factsheet production using Word Docs and Microsoft Excel was proving to be time consuming and resource-heavy and would not be sustainable in supporting the rapid growth of their portfolios.

They were looking for a solution that would be more efficient, that would run smoothly in the background and would save time and money, allowing the team to focus their efforts and resources on product development and ensuring they could continue to offer excellent service to their clients.

The team began to investigate options which would allow them to automate their factsheet production; this included looking at various marketing tools, considering developing their own internal systems, FE fundinfo’s solutions and other service providers in the market.

While developing the necessary internal solutions would have been a very cost-effective solution, once the time constraints, development and resource costs and requirements were factored in, this option became unfeasible.

The solution

The decision to partner with FE fundinfo for the development of their factsheets and bulletins was based on a number of key factors:

FE fundinfo had a ready-made product solution, Precision +Documents, that was automated, scalable, suited their needs all within the required timeframe and it was one that had better workflow and data validation processes, was more cost effective and visually appealing than competitor solutions.

FE fundinfo’s +Document solution was a good fit and resulted in a trusted relationship that helped them manage the growth of their rapidly expanding managed portfolios while allowing them to maintain a high standard of client service.

Since implementing the FE fundinfo factsheets and bulletins, they have been able to free up the necessary resources to enable this growth. They have received feedback from advisers that their factsheets have a clean design, are clear, easy to read and make sense to their clients.

The wrap platform is looking to double their managed portfolios offering by the end of 2021. They look forward to meeting this goal with the help of FE fundinfo’s automated factsheets and bulletins.


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