Bring your funds to life using the latest interactive fund web tools

Our interactive web tools integrate seamlessly with your systems, enabling you to provide branded fund data to clients in an interesting, timely and accurate way.


Timely and engaging delivery of fund information


Let your investment products speak for themselves by producing stunning visualisations of your fund data to captivate and inform clients. Our tools mean you spend less time on producing reports, while enabling you to impress your clients with accurate and timely information – all in your own brand.


Seamless integration


We match your brand design, investment product range and features, and we ensure seamless integration of our data with your website. And there’s no need for long, drawn out project plans – our in-house configuration platform means we can get you up and running quickly while keeping costs down.

Continuous innovation and evolution


We are constantly looking at ways to improve our offering through new technological advancements in the market. This ensures that you benefit from the latest functionality, the freshest data and the most innovative solutions.

Software and data built to maximise potential


Some companies produce software and import third party data while others collect data and outsource software development. We build our own software around the data we already hold, thereby maximising the potential of both.

Simple and functional

It can be challenging to build tools that can update investors with the latest, accurate data in an engaging way. Our digital solutions embed functional, attractive digital tools within your website to best serve the interests of your investors.

Responsive designs

All our tools are fully responsive for smart phones and tablets, and we also offer PDF and HTML display options to satisfy every requirement.

Web accessibility

The digital tools are designed to comply with accessibility standards, making it possible for people with disabilities to understand, navigate and interact with your site.

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