High-quality fund documents from fund providers worldwide

Our customised Document Feed Service enables insurance companies to integrate and access large numbers of fund documents across their existing publications, applications and online platforms.


Instant access to up-to-the minute and high-quality fund documents


Document Feed service gives you instant access to high-quality and reliable fund documents. All fund documents are supplied directly by the fund providers and are therefore of the highest possible quality. The service accesses www.fundinfo.com, the world’s largest database of legal and marketing fund documents. It dramatically cuts the time it takes to locating this information.

Complete, up-to-date set of fund documents


We provide full coverage of the main fund distribution markets in UK, Europe as well as Hong Kong and Singapore. Local language versions are supported in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. Coverage reports, sophisticated and monitoring tools are in-place to meet all the requirements of your legal department.

A leading, reputable fund documents service - specially developed for professional users


Our Document Feed service is used by the fund industry’s largest and most reputable fund distributors and insurance companies from around the world. With this service their employees will no longer have to spend precious time and resources on the procurement and distribution of original fund documents.

Easy integration with your systems

Depending on your requirements, different implementation alternatives are available to ensure the greatest possible convenience while minimising the cost of technical set-up.

The service can be easily integrated into your website and existing platforms via fully automated, secure API-interfaces with daily updates.

Based on the latest cloud technology

The service is automated and based on modern and secure cloud computing technology. Automatic backup and fail-over systems protect against network errors while back-up systems are geographically distributed so that systems are always kept up and running 24/7. This ensures that you always receive the latest fund documents of your choice.

A quality-controlled solution

Timely, up-to-date and accurate fund documents form the basis for intelligent investment decisions. That’s why we place the utmost priority on the accuracy of the information we publish or distribute.

We employ a team of fund experts whose full time job it is to quality-control incoming documents (prospectus, financial reports, UCIT KIIDs, PRIIP KIDs, monthly factsheets, shareholder announcements, etc.) before allowing them to be published online or sent to clients.

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