All the investment research and analysis you need

FE Analytics is a one-stop tool for all your investment research and analysis, portfolio construction, due diligence and ongoing monitoring. This means more time to focus on your clients, knowing your due diligence is taken care of.


Win new business


Quickly and easily model your prospects' current investment situation and optimise your own proposed investment solution. Create instant fund and portfolio comparison reports to demonstrate the value of your proposition side-by-side against their existing investments. Use our Investment Forecaster to compare the projected returns of their current portfolio against your suggested investment model. Create professional, branded reports to present to your prospect.

Manage your existing clients


Easily monitor portfolio returns and get alerted on any significant changes to the underlying investments. Demonstrate the value of your investment advice using our Dynamic Portfolio Tool to show ‘what if’ scenarios. Ensure you have a fully compliant process by saving an audit trail of all your research and historical portfolio changes to your client.

Understand your client’s attitude to risk


Our Attitude to Risk Questionnaire helps advisers and their clients begin constructive discussions around capacity for loss and risk appetite. Asset allocation output is provided rather than a prescriptive list of funds providing investment guidance. We provide results that vary according to the term of the investment. This means that although there are 5 levels of risk, there are in fact 15 outcomes as time horizon is also considered. The questionnaire, powered by EValue Investment Solutions can be customised by you and printed or emailed to your clients and also forms the bedrock of our risk profiling tool, Investment Planner.


Unparalleled investment data

FE Analytics logoBrowse over 300,000 instruments including UT & OEICS, ITs, Offshore, Onshore and DFMs to shortlist funds based on your suitability criteria. Access original fund documentation, including fund factsheets, key facts, annual reports, prospectuses and KIIDs. Supplement your research with fund, manager and sector factsheets that include quartile performance, volatility and peer comparisons to help you make a more informed decision about any investment. Analyse performance, ratios, holding information and risk using our huge range of sophisticated charting and analysis tools. Compare any instrument against any other to understand, for example, the effect of proposed changes to a portfolio or whether a fund is really outperforming its benchmark. Build buy lists and portfolios containing funds, equities, sectors, indices, currencies and assets.

In depth analysis tools

Factor in historic fund swaps, rebalancing and adviser charges, allowing you to show the value of your advice and 'what if' scenarios. Use a wide variety of data presentation tools to conduct portfolio comparisons and compare projected returns. Compare any instrument against any other so you can understand the effect of proposed changes to a portfolio or whether a fund is really outperforming his benchmark or peers.

Refine fund selections with our trusted ratings including FE fundinfo Crown Fund Rating, FE fundinfo Alpha Manager Rating and FE fundinfo Risk Score to quickly find the best funds in the market. Use sophisticated charting and analysis tools to analyse performance, ratios, holding information and risk. 

Professional reporting

Use a wide variety of data presentation tools to conduct portfolio comparisons and compare projected returns. All charts, tables and reports can be exported to PDF or MS Excel and include the ability to add your own custom settings. Every PDF output can include your company’s logo and disclaimer to have a personal and consistent style for your clients. Our Custom Report Builder enables you to choose from 150 data fields to tailor a table report to your exact requirements. We provide unlimited storage of all your research in our archive for you to recall previous work and even refresh.

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