Helping you deliver consistent and straightforward investment advice

From assessing your client’s attitude to risk, selecting suitable investment options to summarising your investment process in client friendly reports, Investment Planner supports you and your business in demonstrating and delivering consistent investment advice


Improving your investment proposition


Our risk profiling tool can be configured around your investment process. From assessing your client’s attitude to risk, discussing and selecting suitable investment options through to summarising your investment process in client friendly reporting.

Suits all investment propositions


Using the FE fundinfo risk score as a guide, the Investment Planner automatically maps the risk of any investment solution to the most suitable risk profile, so whether you run your own in-house models or outsource to multi-asset funds or to a DFM provider, the tool has been designed to work around your investment proposition.

Helping your clients understand their investments


The final step in the Investment Planner process is a report centre, which allows you to build a report to summarise every part of the process that has led to your recommendation. From ‘possibility of loss’ reports, that review the inherent risk of each risk grade, to ‘switch reports’ that compare the existing portfolio to the recommended portfolio.


Assess attitude to risk

Powered by EValue, our Attitude to Risk Questionnaire is a psychometric risk questionnaire, designed to establish the level of risk each client is willing to take. The tool provides additional support in helping advisers understand a client’s capacity for loss and compare different outcomes, to confirm the suitability of the chosen risk profile. The questionnaire can be emailed to clients via the tool or completed together in a face to face meeting.

Finding the right investment solution

Our tool can help you map any investment solution to the most suitable risk profile. We use our own an independent measurement of risk (volatility), apply it to the whole of the market. Our method is completely free from any commercial bias, as no provider pays to be rated.

Optional FE Investments integration

The FE Investments Managed Portfolios are automatically mapped to each risk profile and the additional reports we provide as part of the FE Investments service. These are made available in the report centre, so that they can be added to any final recommendation. Using both Investment Planner alongside our models, provides an adviser firm with a truly end to end investment solution, built within the award-winning research hub of FE Analytics.

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