Unlock the power of your fund data

Our customisable data feeds and digital solutions allow you to bring your data to life.


Up to date, relevant and accurate


Datafeeds deliver only relevant information to suit your needs. Our APIs can be called virtually at any time, so you know you are receiving the latest data available. With all information delivered from one source, our Data Feeds will not only save you time, but supply highly accurate, up-to-date data the way you want it.


Flexible and customisable


Our fund data feeds are perfect for customising your websites with the latest applications and our extensive database of funds and the wide range of data points on these funds, means that we have the coverage required for almost every scenario you can think of. They can also be used to meet your client reporting requirements by producing reports based on actual transactions.

Digital expertise


We’ve been creating innovative web tools for over 10 years. From asset managers to pension providers, from IFAs to publishers, clients have invested in us to produce high quality tools to display their products in the best possible ways.

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