Comply with the new ESG rules on transparency, disclosure, internal policies and reports.

The new Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is effective from 10 March 2021. Our SFDR reporting module will support you to comply with the new rules on disclosure as regards sustainable investments.


Meet SFDR Level 1 requirements starting March 2021


Include your Sustainability Related Disclosures in one single factsheet and be compliant with the Level 1 requirements of the SFDR and all disclosure needs for products classified according to Art. 8, Art. 9 (1) or Art. 9 (3). The solution is already ready and set-up to include the periodic disclosure requirements that will begin to apply on 1 January 2022 with SFDR Level 2.

You disclose your sustainability risks


You disclose the sustainability risks of your investment products as well as the relevant sustainability factors like environmental, social and employee matters, respect for human rights, anti-corruption and anti-bribery matters. Disclose the climate impact as well as the climate footpath of the investments and show an indicative assessment based on the minimum standard for EU Paris Aligned and Climate Transition benchmarks.

Meet the Principal Adverse Impacts Statement Requirements


Describe the economic activities of your investments to be in line with the Principal Adverse Impacts Statement Requirements and provide a quick overview of overall ESG taxonomy alignment

Ongoing monitoring


The report can be used for constant monitoring of portfolios for compliance with the ESG strategy and SFDR requirements.

Clean Data

We support data delivery in all forms, from various sources, and adapt to your existing systems. From spreadsheets, to APIs and from internal to third party sources, we can ingest this data.




FE fundinfo’s data experts help you with publication of Level 1 and RTS Level 2 reports and standardised exchange data, e.g. via EMT, EPT, TPT, EET.


Managed Service

With our specialist SFDR Fund Reporting Managed Service, you receive ESG-compliant data, and reconciliation with data availability, all calculations and corresponding documentation and a consistent method, all from one source.


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