Powerful investment research tools

Our research tools including FE Analytics and our Excel plug in, FE Analytics FinXL provide timely and independent data coupled with a wide range of modelling, analytical, reporting and presentation tools.


See through the eyes of an adviser


Over 3,000 adviser firms use FE Analytics for their own research, so by using FE Analytics, you can see what they see. View how funds are being represented, find out how advisers analyse and sort prospective investments, and discover how to present your proposition in the best light using our research tools.


Wealth of data at your fingertips


The breadth and quality of our investment data sets us apart. Detailed information on our extensive range of onshore, offshore and international funds, as well as life, pensions, ETFs, investment trusts, equities and more, is at your fingertips.

Ongoing training and support


We have specialists who provide extensive ongoing training and support to all our clients. The support team are available by telephone, email and live chat.

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