Give clients the tool to generate transparent and comprehensive transactional reports

Provide a complete and accurate picture of investment portfolio, in a visually engaging format.


Advanced and consolidated reporting


The reports are based on actual transactions that have taken place over the specified time period, which means your clients have access to the most comprehensive portfolio report. Every single transaction made on the portfolio is included, providing the in-depth insights.


Efficient and user friendly


Your clients can generate reports at the click of a button. They can create bespoke and different sized reports based on their requirements.

Regulatory reporting and compliance


We also take care of your MiFID ex-post reporting requirements, saving you time and ensuring that you always remain compliant.

Ease of data collection and integration

We collect all your data in XML format via a web service. Our systems also integrate easily with several back-office systems, so you can be assured your data is always up to date and accurate.RGB Data Management@2X

True performance overview

The customised and branded report allows your client to demonstrate the true performance of the investments by calculating time-weighted returns of the portfolio, compared against a benchmark, over the reporting period specified.RGB Report Production@2X

Holistic client portfolios

The summary page shows how the value of your client’s portfolio has changed over the reporting period, including money-weighted return. The report also allows for the comparison between portfolio valuation and client’s contributions/withdrawals as well as providing a more granular look at current holdings, fees, income earned, breakdowns, etc.RGB Fund Distributors@2X

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