Research and compare funds, produce reports and enhance the value of your proposition

Use our data and tools to deliver real insights and impress your customers. FE Analytics provides timely, robust and independent data coupled with a wide range of advanced modelling, analytical, reporting and presentation tools.


A wealth of information


Access to over 300,000 financial instruments including Unit Trusts & OEICs, Investment Trusts, pension funds, ETFs, VCTs and original fund documentation including factsheets, annual reports, prospectuses and KIIDs.

Research and analysis


Use our extensive fund coverage to research and analyse funds. Conduct full sector analysis with ranking to see where your proposition stands;  view scenarios where different funds may complement other investments to form a winning portfolio.

Client Reporting


Our Custom Report Builder enables you to choose from 150 data fields to tailor a report to your exact requirements. You can use a wide variety of data presentation tools to conduct portfolio comparisons and compare projected returns. All charts, tables and reports can be exported to PDF or MS Excel and can be customised.

Ongoing training and support

We have specialists who provide extensive ongoing training and support to all our clients. The support team are available by telephone, email and live chat.

Track and compare funds

Put alerts on funds you want to track for any major performance, ratings or capital event changes. You can also see the most bought and sold funds within different sectors and find out where investors are seeing value.


Easy to access and integrate

This web-based tool can be accessed easily from any location. There is no need to install any software. It also integrates with most back-office systems which allows you to import any portfolios you may like to analyse.

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