Distribute your fund’s marketing and legal documents worldwide

Ensure the timely, compliant and efficient delivery of all your legal and marketing fund documents to investors, financial media and a large network of distribution partners.


Distribute quality-controlled fund documents quickly and efficiently


Our Document Dissemination service ensures that all your marketing and regulatory fund documents are made available to relevant distribution partners in the UK, Europe, Asia and US offshore markets in a timely and efficient way.

The service saves you time and money while keeping you in control of domicile-relevant information that your investors and prospects are accessing via the most widely used, globally available fund document library.

Fast, accurate, and compliant


Using cloud-based technology, we ensure your fund documents are delivered in the most appropriate way, and according to the needs of your client – whether they are a large global bank, or a smaller IFA. Tracking allows you to establish which distribution partners received which documents when.

You can combine this service with our Data Dissemination Service, which means you can also share essential fund data and daily prices. You then benefit from a complete solution that efficiently satisfies regulatory requirements such as MiFID II and PRIIP KIDs.

Proven reputation


Our Document Dissemination Service is used by the world’s largest fund managers. We have agreements with leading fund providers in the UK, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore. Asset Managers benefit from publishing and disseminating their fund and ETF documents and data via a single reliable platform to all their distribution partners internationally.

Your fund distributors gain fast and easy access to all your fund documents in their language including a complete set of jurisdiction-specific marketing and legal documents in local language via a single, secure API.

Quality assured


Our in-house team subject your documents to systematic quality control. If any information is missing, ambiguous or erroneous, you receive detailed feedback for root-cause analysis.

This is how we ensure that all your fund documents are correct and complete.

Broad coverage

Choose your recipients from our large network of banks, fund managers, fund platforms, data vendors and financial portals.

We have the largest database of fund documents in the UK, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore hosting tens of millions of quality-controlled fund documents.

Based on the latest cloud technology

Our Document Dissemination Service is automated and based on modern and secure cloud computing technology. Automatic backup and fail-over systems protect against network errors while data and backup systems are geographically distributed so that systems are always kept up and running smoothly 24/7.

The service can be easily integrated into your existing systems via fully automated, secure API-interfaces with daily updates. For smaller distributors/IFAs, automated email distribution can be configured.

A quality-controlled solution

We place the utmost priority on the accuracy of the information published on or disseminated by our platforms.

To this end, we employ a team of fund experts whose fulltime job it is to quality-control incoming fund documents (prospectus, financial reports, UCIT KIIDs, PRIIP KIDs, monthly factsheets, shareholder announcements, etc.) and data (fund name, domicile, currency, ISIN, charges and fees, country registrations etc.) before allowing them to be published online or disseminated to clients.

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