Life at FE fundinfo

At FE fundinfo we believe we’re better together.  We work hard and recognise the importance of balancing this with opportunities to socialise.


Socialising at FE fundinfo

Whether it’s a game of chess, carrom, rounders, football, cricket, an orienteering challenge, a sit-down meal or something else entirely, there are chances to kick-back with colleagues.

FE fundinfo Luxembourg

FE fundinfo Luxembourg

Our colleagues from the Staff Committee are in charge organizing our social events which include: one monthly lunch for all staff in Luxembourg, one monthly after-work event such as drinks, board game nights, karaoke, bowling…, our annual team building event and, our end of the year office party. Included are some pictures from an Easter egg hunt, Halloween party, and our latest team building.

FE fundinfo Australia

At FE Australia, teams frequently socialize over lunch or evening drinks either to welcome the new joiners, say farewell to leavers or simply socialize and relax.

Teams are also involved in a weekly wellness program in which they choose an activity from boxing, HIIT, Pilates or simply running.

FE fundinfo Australia

However, the most awaited event is the Melbourne Cup where the whole team goes out for the afternoon to bet on the races. Melbourne Cup is celebrated on the first Tuesday of November spanning back more than 150 years. It’s the race that stops the nation!

Being one of the few countries where Christmas is in summer, generally in Australia the team goes out for an outdoor activity before indulging in a three-course meal and drinks.

FE fundinfo India

To foster a feeling of fun at work and also to celebrate key milestones of the organization and employee life, FE has a few practices in place.

With the intent to develop the concept “Friend @ Work”, all the employees at FE are classified into 5 different houses, each house will have a captain, vice-captain and the team members. The objective is to foster a feeling of team spirit.

Whenever a new member joins the company, the house captain sends out personalised email welcoming the new member to the team and introducing him/her to the group. The captain also takes the responsibility of driving the team spirit within the group and also encourages the teams to participate in the various planned events.

FE fundinfo India

We have five houses within FE fundinfo (such as the Chennai Cheetahs, pictured). On most occasions, we host inter-house competitions, and the winners take away interesting prizes. The events are a lot of fun and bring together lots of people. The events provide employees with a much-needed break from work and give them the opportunity to showcase their talent.

FE, like any other organisation celebrates the regional festivals like Pongal, Diwali, Christmas, etc. we celebrate these events with fun games, exotic food, prizes, etc. on the occasions of Diwali and Aayudha pooja, sweets boxes are distributed to our employees.

The festive season in 2018 saw Navarathri Golu as a different and unique celebration. The traditional south Indian golu steps were set up by the houses, and prizes were taken away by the winners.

On the day of Ayudha Pooja, a special pooja was conducted at the office premises by a priest, as is the tradition.

Diwali was celebrated with a lot of pomp and show. The teams decorated diyas tastefully and also put up some decorations at our den.

We also celebrated Christmas with great pomp and show. We set up mock fireplaces, and also had our in-house choir group sing a few carols for us.

Cricket Team


FE India has a corporate cricket team, who participate in various inter-corporate tournaments. The company has sponsored the sports kit and other accessories for both the cricket & football teams in addition to appointing a dedicated instructor to coach the players. The coach provides the practice to the teams every weekend & also encourages them to maintain their health and fitness. At tournaments, employees are encouraged to participate.