Efficient dissemination of static and dynamic fund data worldwide

Ensure the timely delivery of your quality-controlled fund data and prices to all relevant distributors, investors and platforms around the world via our data dissemination service


Efficient and timely delivery of fund data


Once your data is delivered to us in a single batch it can then be disseminated to your clients and distribution partners via our cloud-based datafeed portal which enables your distribution partners to always access your latest fund information, such as daily fund prices, static data, fees and charges, MiFID II data and cost breakdowns.

Your distributors can then create their own tailor-made feeds based on a selection of your ISINs and data fields.

Fast, accurate and compliant


We guarantee fast and accurate processing and dissemination of your fund data in the openfunds format. This format was developed by leading international fund distributors, and aims to minimise errors and misinterpretation during the exchange, validation and processing of fund data.

Our in-house data team subjects your data to systematic quality control. If data is missing or erroneous, you receive detailed feedback for root-cause analysis. This is how we ensure that all fund data is uniform, correct and complete.

Proven reputation


Our Data Dissemination service is used by the world’s largest and most reputable asset managers. Asset Managers benefit from publishing and disseminating their fund and ETF data and documents via a single reliable platform ensuring all their latest information is available to the right people at the right time.

Cloud-based data platform

Our cloud-based datafeed platform ensures that your distribution and business partners always receive the latest information about your funds via a secure API. With a single delivery of your fund data to us, you address operational, as well as regulatory requirements, such as MiFID II and PRIIPs. Your data may be provided to us via a variety of channels to suit your needs such as front-end upload, API, FTP, etc.

We ensure that your latest fund information (e.g. daily fund prices, static data, target market and cost breakdowns) is disseminated to all the relevant distributors, investors and platforms, making life easier for your client support team while keeping you in control of information flow.

An update of fund prices takes place every two hours, reducing delays in the provisioning of NAVs to an absolute minimum.

Standardised format

We guarantee fast and accurate processing and dissemination of your fund data in the quality-assured openfunds format (www.openfunds.org). The solution also supports the dissemination of original EMT, EPT, CEPT and CPTP templates.

Data is transmitted to distributors through fully automated interfaces as well as via our Data Feed Portal. With this data portal, fund companies can also view their own fund data for control purposes at any time.

Quality controlled

We place the utmost priority on the accuracy of the information published on or disseminated by our platforms.

Our data team quality-control incoming fund documents (prospectus, financial reports, UCIT KIIDs, PRIIP KIDs, monthly factsheets, shareholder announcements, etc.) and data (fund name, domicile, currency, ISIN, charges and fees, country registrations etc.) before allowing them to be published online or disseminated to clients.

Real time publication

An optional component of the service is our News Dissemination Service which enables asset managers to share current fund and market news with distributors and their advisers through an easy-to-use, web-based CMS. This allows asset managers to immediately comment on the impact of current market or political events on each fund.

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